Our PCA class equips caregivers with the tools to become professionals.


What is a Personal Care Aide ?

Personal Care Aides help people who are elderly, disabled, ill, and/or mentally disabled to live in their own homes or in residential care facilities instead of in health facilities or institutions. Most personal and home care aides work with elderly or physically or mentally disabled clients who need more extensive personal and home care than family or friends can provide. Some aides work with families in which a parent is incapacitated and small children need care. Others help discharged hospital patients who have relatively short-term needs.


What are the duties of a PCA?

PCA's generally work on their own, with periodic visits from their supervisor. They receive detailed instructions explaining when to visit clients and what services to perform daily. They keep records of services performed and of clients condition and progress. They report changes in the clients condition to the supervisor or case manager. In carrying out their work, PCA's cooperate with health care professionals, including registered nurses, therapists, and other medical staff.

As a PCA you will be responsible for providing housekeeping and routine personal care services such as: doing laundry,making & changing linens, grocery shopping,preparing meals and running errands.

You will also; assistant clients with getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, grooming and may accompany a client to doctor's appointments.


PCA Education and training: 

All Personal Care Aides will receive 40 hours of training in a range of job functions. Aides are instructed on how to properly cook for a client, which includes information on nutrition and special diets. They also are trained on basic housekeeping tasks, such as making a bed and keeping the home sanitary and safe for the client. Generally, they are taught how to respond to an emergency situation and will learn basic safety techniques to be used while working at a client's home.

Our Agency ensures the client’s safety by hiring aides that also have their CPR & First Aid Certification.


FAQ: What is the difference between a PCA and a CNA?

(CNA) must attend a school that is licensed by the State of Virginia. They must take a minimum of 80 hours of training and pass a national exam before they are certified. This exam covers all levels of care that apply for persons doing unskilled home health, nursing home, assisted living, and hospital care.

(PCA) must take a minimum of 40 hours of classroom and some clinical training. They must demonstrate they know how to do basic care for clients, such as transferring, taking pulse and BP's, charting, etc. Passing an exam upon completion of the 40 hour training is required to receive a certificate as a PCA.

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