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Lighting Can Make A Difference

lightbulbChanging the lighting in your house can make a difference in the number of home accidents that occur in your house, especially fall for seniors. These small changes do not cost much and can help prevent injuries.

1.  Change your regular light bulbs around the home to NON GLARE 100 watts or higher.  The new energy saving florescent bulbs are great for energy as well.

 2.  Night lights.  Make sure there is good lighting around your home, even at night.  Always keep a nightlight on in the bathroom, but also consider the hallways and the kitchen if you go there frequently in the evening.

3. By your bed.  You should be able to EASILY reach a light from your bed without getting up.  Also consider having a portable phone / cell phone next to your bed as well in case you need to reach someone without leaving the bed.

4.  Properly lighting in the kitchen.  Make sure your work area in the kitchen is properly lit.  Cutting up food, reading recipes, and cooking over a hot stove can be made easier when you don't have shadows or dim lighting to interfere with what you are doing.

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